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About our Style

Simple, affordable, memorable.

2fifty BBQ, a celebrated barbecue joint, is renowned for its unique approach to traditional American barbecue. Their style is deeply rooted in the Texas barbecue tradition, known for its emphasis on smoking meats over low heat for extended periods.

Our Cooking Style

Quality Meats

We select premium cuts of meat, including brisket, pork ribs, and sausage, ensuring a rich and flavorful base for their barbecue. Sourced from Creekstone Farms in Kansas & Snake River.

All Wood, All Good.

The choice of wood is crucial in imparting distinct flavors. We use our own sourced oak, known for its strong, hearty smoke profiles that complement the richness of the meats.

Low & Slow

We adhere to the slow and low cooking method, where meats are smoked at low temperatures for many hours. This technique allows for deep penetration of the smoke into the flavor.

Minimal Sauce Philosophy

True to Texas BBQ tradition,we often allow the smoked meat to stand on its own, using sauces sparingly. When used, our sauces are generally rich, with a balanced sweetness and tanginess, designed to complement rather than overpower the meat's natural flavors.

Details & Consistency

Every step, from meat selection to the final smoking process, is carried out with meticulous care, ensuring consistency in quality and taste across all their offerings.

Community & Atmosphere

Beyond the cooking process, we focus on the dining experience. We work hard to create a welcoming, communal atmosphere that celebrates the joy of sharing great food.


Understanding our allergy labels

We strive to cater to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences. To help you make informed choices, we have implemented an easy-to-understand allergen labeling system. Each item on our menu is accompanied by specific abbreviations that indicate its dietary classification.

Here's a quick guide to our labels:

GF - Gluten Free
DF - Dairy Free
VG - Vegan
V - Vegetarian
W - Contains Wheat
N - Contains Nuts

Please note that while we take great care to avoid cross-contamination, our kitchen does handle a variety of ingredients. If you have severe allergies, please inform our staff so that we can accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.

If you have any questions or need recommendations, our staff will be more than happy to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you sell until “sold out” or run out of BBQ?

Even though our 100% wood smokers operate at full capacity, the smoking process is done low and slow (at a low temperature for a long period of time). It takes between 6 to 14 hours to finish the cooking process so we have a limited capacity to serve our menu fresh everyday. 

What do you mean by Central Texas style barbecue?

For us, it means more like a culture that revolves around fire. It means using 100% wood and mainly salt and pepper to season our meats. The meats are commonly cooked at an offset propane tank-shaped pit.

What is the difference between Wagyu and Prime brisket?

The main difference is the intramuscular fat (marbling) of the beef. Wagyu brisket has a higher score with 6-8 BMS (Beef Marbling Score), while Prime brisket has 4-5 BMS.

American Wagyu is the combination of the exceptional intramuscular marbling of purebred Japanese Wagyu and the intense beefiness of traditional American cattle. It comes from Snake River Farms, who control the entire supply chain from the ranches to their humane processing facility.

For Prime Brisket we use Certified Black Angus Beef from Creekstone Farms. Creekstone combines superior Black Angus genetics, high-quality feeding and  humane animal treatment. This translates in a higher amount of marbling than other Prime Briskets, and an exceptionally tender, juicy flavor.

What type of smoker do you use?

We use propane tank shaped offset smokers that use 100% wood. There is no presence or assistance of gas or electricity. The smoker is guided by the right combination between convective and radiant heat but more importantly, the intense fire management that an experienced pit crew puts into it.

May I see your smokehouse?

Yes, we offer scheduled pit tours in our Riverdale Park location. Send us a DM!

Why are your sides so different?

We offer both traditional and innovative, original sides that reflect our Hispanic Heritage.

I have a dietary restriction or food allergy. Are there any options for me?

Yes! We strive to accommodate most dietary restrictions. Please refer to our labeling system (link to website) that will help you to find the best options for you on our menu.

What is the best way to get your BBQ?

For both our Riverdale Park and Washington D.C. locations, we recommend coming as early as possible. This ensures that you're among the first to savor our delicious offerings for the day.

While pre-orders are available online only for our Riverdale Park location, they open every day at 11am for the following day's service. For example, if you're planning to enjoy our barbecue on Thursday, you can place your order online after 11am on Wednesday. However, for the best experience and to guarantee your favorites, arriving early at either location is the perfect strategy!

Why can’t I place an order online for today?

Our cut off time for same day online orders is 11am. After 11am we will be more than happy to take your order in store.

Do you take orders over the phone?

No. We only offer pre-online orders or on site.

Can I still walk in and place the order at your restaurant?

Absolutely! Although, be aware that we can not guarantee you will get what you want due to the fact that most of our customers order ahead.

Can I just walk-in and order to go?


Can I get food delivered?

We proudly operate independently and do not partner with any third-party delivery websites. Instead, we offer an exclusive BBQ Club membership. As a member, you'll relish a monthly delivery featuring our signature smoked meats n’ fixings, seasonal specials, and off-menu items reserved just for our members. But that's not all – you also have the option to enhance your meals with perfectly paired wines, beer, and cocktails.

By joining our BBQ Club, you're not only treating yourself to a delightful culinary experience each month, but also actively supporting your favorite neighborhood gem. For more information and to become a member, please visit.

Additionally, we cater to parties of 15 or more. Feel free to contact our catering department for your next event.

I would like to dine in. Do I need a reservation?

No, we do not take reservations. We're a market style, first come first serve restaurant. 

Are you open today?

We open every day but Tuesdays no matter the date. We are only closed on Christmas Day. 

What are your hours of operation?


What’s the wait time right now?

On weekdays, the waiting is rarely over 15 min. Weekends can be around 30 min. Father’s Day is our busiest day of the year! Expect all Holidays to be busy.

Do you allow dogs?

Yes, on our patios.

Do you have parking onsite?

You can find links to parking and maps here.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, you can get an e-card online by clicking here. Also both e-cards and physical cards are sold in store.

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